Duplecast is a media player for smart TVs, including Samsung TVs under Orsay and Tizen, and LG TVs running webOS and Netcast, Duplecast app allows end-users of Xtream Code panel or similar panels to watch their contents via their API, Duplecast allows users to watch Live, Vod (Video On Demand), Series in all smart Tvs with easy tasks. Duplecast is a multi-language and them-able APP. Duplecast also supports m3u playlists created/generated from other IPTV systems.

  • Modern user interface design
  • Fast Zapping
  • Custom theme
  • Multi-Device Management platform


  • After installing the Duplecast
    Go in setting
    Go in Device Info
    Copy Device ID & Device Key
    Go to the website
  • https://duplecast.com/plugin/duplecast/device_login/
    Put here Device ID & Device Key …After that add playlist m3u from your service provider on the website
    Generate it ….Go to App ….in the TV Section ….Enjoy it